1987 Capri by Catalina Capri 30

Zodiac-Honda Inflatable Boats This Capri by Catalina Capri 30 sailboat has a fiberglass hull and an LOA of 29.5 feet (length over all). The boat has a 112 inch beam. This sailboat is set up to sail as a Sloop. The craft has 458 square feet of sail area. Displacement for the boat is 4985 lbs. The draft of this sailboat is approximately 5'4". (For those brand new to sailing, draft is important to remember since you can run aground if you venture into waters which are too shallow.)

Sailing is a wonderful activity and can provide you and your family and friends with many hours of enjoyment. For the sake of safety, we highly recommend sailing classes since sailing can be a fun, yet challenging activity where skill and technique are important.

Proper maintenance and care can help your Capri by Catalina stay in good condition and have a higher value at resale. More importantly, the right maintenance, care, and equipment can help you to have a safer, more enjoyable time on the water.

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Parts, Accessories & Upgrades to Consider:

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