1996 Nacra by Performance Catamarans Nacra 6.0 na

Zodiac-Honda Inflatable Boats This Nacra by Performance Catamarans sailboat has a hull made of fiberglass and has an overall length of 20 feet. The beam (or width) of this craft is 86 inches. This sailboat is rigged as a Sloop. The sail area for the boat is 264 square feet. Approximate displacement for the vessel comes in at around 420 pounds.

While we do recommend boating classes for all boaters, we highly recommend boating/sailing classes for sailboaters since sailing is generally more technical and more challenging than powerboating.

Proper maintenance and care can help your Nacra by Performance Catamarans stay in good condition and have a higher value at resale. More importantly, the right maintenance, care, and equipment can help you to have a safer, more enjoyable time on the water.

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